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In the world of Japanese cuisine, our trio of Sushi and Salad restaurants in Ely, Stamford and Saffron Walden shine as culinary treasures within their local communities. Each of these establishments promises a unique and captivating dining adventure, reflecting the essence of their surroundings.
We are committed to delivering extraordinary dining experiences at every visit, ensuring that the spirit and flavours of each locale are perfectly captured for an unforgettable and flavourful journey.

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The arrival of sushi in Ely Cambridgeshire

Ely captured our hearts, inspiring the birth of Sushi and Salad. With a deep love for Japanese cuisine and Ely, we asked, 'Why not bring Japanese dining to this town?' Thus, Sushi and Salad was born.

The story of our beginning

Meeting Annabel at Burrows book store on High Street Passage was serendipitous. As she sought change after 28 years, we found our home at No. 9 High Street Passage.onverting a book store into a sushi haven was quite a journey. We sourced authentic Japanese decor, built furniture, and created a kitchen that resembled an operating theatre. Every bowl, teapot, plate, and cup arrived from Japan, setting the stage for our culinary adventure.

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Sushi Restaurant Cambridgeshire

Discover the Art of Seductive Sushi and Gourmet Pleasures

Our cuisine reflects my upbringing in San Paulo, where Japanese food is a cherished tradition. Our restaurant combines nostalgia with modernity, inspired by the sushi bars of the late fifties and early sixties. Thriving in Ely, we expanded to Saffron Walden and Stamford, another charming market town.

Our diverse menu caters to all tastes, from sushi to grilled meats and fish. We offer extensive vegan and vegetarian options, using locally sourced ingredients prepared to order.


Masterful Artisan of Exquisite Sushi Creations

Juliana boasts an extensive culinary background and an unwavering dedication to the craft of sushi-making. Her consistent creation of exquisite sushi dishes stands as a testament to her skill, passion, and unwavering commitment to delivering the most exceptional flavours to your plate.


About Juliana

It’s very easy to see when talking to Juliana that she lives, breaths and sleeps food . 

Being brought up in a tiny town just outside San Paulo and taking on the family cooking at a very early age .

Making recipes and playing chef was her passion as a child and her ambition as a teenager and entering  college of chefs  “ of Senac University of Gastronomy was a natural path to take . 

Her first restaurant wasn’t far away . On qualifying with flying colours she took on little restaurant in the beautiful town of Santa Teresa .This was a great success and a career path set .

Juliana wanted to travel and learn the cuisines of the world. Travelling through The Americas , Asia’s  and Europe she settled 17 years ago in England ( lucky us ) . 

Never stopping watching and learning, she came to Ely ... the smallest city in Cambridgeshire and the third in Saffron Walden smallest in England. Her desire to cook was ever present and in fact grew as she traveled the continents. 

Always cooking for her family and trying new things I think it’s safe to say that the restaurant was very much a kitchen table idea .Sitting around the table the planning began , dreams to be fulfilled and a restaurant to be built. 

Juliana set about creating the menu.. a huge and never ending task if ever there was . Burning the midnight oil , cooking , tasting  , creating ,the menu was coming together . 

Ely was the only place to open her first restaurant having fallen in love with place from the very first moment she arrived. 

Her goal was set and now to put all the ingredients (excuse the pun !) together. 

Find and secure a spot was the first part of the plan . This was realised on a stroll through the alleys and passages of the centre of the city with her family.

Burrows book store had just relocated leaving a gorgeous little shop just begging to be converted into a restaurant. SUSHI was no where to be seen in Ely and so drawing on her experience (San Paulo is home to over two million Japanese residents) so Sushi to Juliana is like fish and chips to us . So Sushi it was and Sushi it is .. Sushi and Salad to be more precise.

 One BIG problem. . . COVID! . .  How do you open a restaurant when the world has shut down ?

Juliana had been making and indeed teaching her family fun of making Sushi at home (as we all were in the spring of 2020 )  and so had fine tuned her skills in the Japanese culinary art form. 

The restaurant was put together along with her partner William with passion and a desire to create something different. Inspired by the Sushi bars of the late fifties and early sixes ,the way the Japanese copied the US burger bars but just ever so slightly missing and inadvertently creating a style of their own was the way forward. 

Designing ,decorating the restaurant and making the tables , “borrowing” the chairs from a certain Gordon Ramsey ( a hilarious story to ask Juliana to tell ) sourcing to artwork and artefacts from Japan ..the pots , bowls and plates imported she was ready to open a “TAKEAWAY “ 

The restrictions of Covid dictated that she could only operate as a takeaway. . All the planning , the dreams and hopes were on hold and a new plan had to be quickly put together. 

The opening night was upon her and the doors opened with fear and trepidation. 

The doors opened and in came “Terry” her very first customer of Sushi and Salad and beautifully an ever present customer since that day . 

The restrictions being lifted little by little the “takeaway “ became a restaurant like the butterfly breaks out if the cocoon . A restaurant that has not stopped developing and growing since her first idea around that kitchen table . 

Her executive team have been with her from the beginning , developing and fine tuning the menu , a truly never ending task if ever there was . 

Sushi and Salad has grown . 

The rest as they say. .. 


What our Food Critics say About Us

Food critics have fallen under the spell of our alluring Japanese cuisine, leaving them captivated by the irresistible flavours and artistry we bring to every dish...

Google Review

“If you haven’t been and are considering it… GO!!!Truly amazing food. Wonderful atmosphere, decor and service. All food is freshly made to order. Cocktails are very stylish and tasty.Will definitely visit again and maybe try their other two restaurants!”

Google Review Best Japanese Restaurant, Stamford

Oliver Mawson

Stamford, Lincs Customer
Google Review

“What a fabulous little find, staff are delightful, menu is just wow ! We chose the number 3 combo ….. everything was amazing ! Will deffo be back, you may want to book as it’s busy.”

Google Review Sushi & Salad Saffron Walden

Christopher George

Saffron Walden, Cambs Customer
Google Review

“Absolutely excellent! Everything was very authentic on taste, presentation and executed perfectly! This will definitely be our “Go To” Sushi restaurant even from 40mins away. It’s just minutes walk from the spectacular Ely Cathedral too!”

Google Review Best Japanese Restaurant, Ely

Johny Storm

Ely, Cambs Customer


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Ely, Cambs

High Street Passage, Ely, CB7 4NB

(01353) 659932

Stamford, Lincs

72 High Street, Stamford PE9 2AW

(01780) 763173

Saffron Walden, Cambs

5A Cross Street, Saffron Walden, CB10 1EX

(01799) 934385


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