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From the comforting warmth of Miso soup to the elegance of Sashimi, our menu is a culinary journey. Nigiri, Hosomaki, Uramaki, Futomaki, and Temaki offer a sushi spectrum. Gunkan presents a unique rice-ball delight.For noodle lovers, Ramen and Yakisoba satisfy with rich flavours. Teriyaki dishes delight with their sweet, sticky glaze. Savour the crispy Katsu and the savory Gyudon. Unadon showcases grilled eel over rice. Don't miss the delectable Gyoza dumplings.
Experience Japanese culinary traditions at their finest at Sushi And Salad.

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Salmon Kobachi by Sushi & Salad
Iced Tea Matcha

Menu Guide


Miso is a traditional Japanese seasoning paste produced by fermenting soybeans using the power of koji mold and from this we make our lovely delicious Miso soup seasoned with spring onions, sesame seed and tofu .

Miso Soup


Sashimi is a Japanese dish of thinly-sliced raw food, usually fish and seafood, but also sometimes other meats. Often eaten with soy sauce.

Maguro (Tuna)
Suzuki (Sea Bass)


Nigiri sushi is that familiar style of sushi made up of an oval-shaped mound of rice with a slice of raw fish, vegetable or meat on top.

Salmon Tataki
Tako (Octopus)
Unagi (Eel)

Hosomaki - Nori out

It is about one inch around, with nori (seaweed wrapping) outside, and sushi rice and a single ingredient.

Kanpyo Maki
Avocado Maki
Natto Maki

Hosomaki - Inside out

The nori (seaweed wrapping) sheet isn't wrapped around the roll, but inside. This means it's used to wrap the filling, then gets coated with rice, sesame or roe.

Oshinko Maki
Negihama Maki
Negitoro Maki


Uramaki is a sushi roll of sushi rice, with 2 or more fillings it’s rolled so that the seaweed is on the inside and the rice on the outside.

Super California ©
The Crunch ©
The Special ©


Japanese sushi that is rolled into a long thick cylinder. A literal translation of futomaki is "fat rolled sushi".

Spicy Crunch ©
No items found.
Spider Roll


Temaki, which means "hand rolled," is a type of sushi consisting of rice and sashimi (raw fish), vegetables, or other fillings enclosed in a nori (seaweed) cone.

Temaki Open Temaki Salmon by Sushi & Salad Temaki Tuna by Sushi & Salad Temaki Salmon by Sushi & Salad


"Gunkan" means "Mothership" and consists of a small ball of rice wrapped in a thin band of dry seaweed and topped with various ingredients.

Gunkan Special by Sushi & Salad Gunkan Ama by Sushi & Salad Gunkan Salmon with Scallops by Sushi & Salad


Ramen is a Japanese noodle soup, with a combination of a rich flavoured broth, one of a variety of types of noodle and a selection of meats or vegetables.

Chicken Ramen by Sushi & Salad Shoyu Ramen by Sushi & Salad Hakata Ramen by Sushi & Salad


Yakisoba is a classic Japanese stir-fried noodle and vegetable dish served with or without meat seasoned with a sweet and savoury sauce

Spicy Tofu Yakisoba by Sushi & Salad Vegetable Yakisoba by Sushi & Salad Tofu Yakisoba by Sushi & Salad


Grilled fish , meats or vegetables served with a highly flavoured glaze of sweet sticky sauce made from soy sauce, sake and mirin over a bowl of warm rice.

Teriyaki Salmon by Sushi & Salad Teriyaki Vegetable by Sushi & Salad Teriyaki Chicken by Sushi & Salad


Japanese dish consisting of chicken, pork, tofu or vegetable, covered in bread crumbs, fried, then cut into strips and served with warm rice then lovely Katsu sauce  poured generously over the lot.

Katsu Curry Panko Prawn by Sushi & Salad Uramaki (Inside Out) Katsu Roll Katsu Curry Panko Chicken by Sushi & Salad


Japanese dish consisting of a bowl of rice topped with beef layered over caramelised eggs and onion simmered in a mildly sweet sauce flavoured with dashi, soy sauce and mirin.

Gyudon by Sushi & Salad Gyudon by Sushi & Salad Gyudon by Sushi & Salad


Unadon is a Japanese dish consisting of grilled unagi (eel) fillets placed on top of steamed rice. The eel is grilled kabayaki-style. The tare sauce consist of mirin, sugar soy and sake.

Unadon by Sushi & Salad Unadon by Sushi & Salad Unadon by Sushi & Salad


Gyoza are dumplings filled with ground meat, prawn and or vegetables wrapped in thin dough. Served with ponzu.

Chicken Gyoza by Sushi & Salad Vegetable Gyoza by Sushi & Salad Prawn Gyoza by Sushi & Salad

Please ask our staff if you need any further clarification.

TEA Guide

Matcha cup

Matcha is a very powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants are responsible for neutralising the negative effects of free radicals. This organic compound has strong anti-tumour activity and is an antioxidant 100 times stronger than vitamin C. Because we consume whole ground tea leaves, when drinking matcha, one cup of this tea is an equivalent of 10 cups of usual brew of green tea in terms of antioxidant content. Calming and relaxing Matcha has been used by the Chinese Taoists and Japanese Zen Buddhist monks for over 1,000 years as a means of supporting the maintenance of peace and clarity of mind during the long hours of meditation. Improved memory and concentration. It increases energy levels and enhances endurance. Perfect detoxification. Strengthening the immune system. It reduces the level of bad cholesterol.

Matcha Cup Tea with Sushi & Salad Matcha Cup Sushi & Salad Japanese Sushi Restaurant

Sencha No. 21

Sencha is the most popular tea in Japan and it is also the most famous green tea in the world. Sencha is recommended as a morning drink, since its early-picked leaves have an extremely high level of stimulating caffeine and sencha is known to speed up metabolism. Just like other Japanese green teas, it is not only a rich source of catechins but also one of most powerful natural antioxidants. Drinking sencha helps in slowing down the ageing processes, getting rid of toxins, reducing bad cholesterol, keeping sugar levels in check and improving dental health. Its leaves contain easily absorbable vitamin C, beta carotene, folic acid, potassium, calcium and phosphorus. Just like matcha tea, sencha is a well-known mood-booster.

Sencha No. 21 by Sushi & Salad


Genmaicha is a sweet, slightly nutty, aromatic, rusty coloured tea. Its flavour – the one we know from sushi bars and Japanese restaurants – is exceptionally memorable. Legend has it that a servant to the Hakone shogun accidentally served his master a tea with some stolen grains of rice that he had in his pocket. This mistake cost him his life, but the shogun liked the taste so much that he decided to include it in his daily diet. This is how genmaicha, today known also as, “popcorn tea”, came about.

Genmaicha  by Sushi & Salad


Hojicha: roasted tea from Kyoto. Organic hojicha is a roasted green tea with a toasty, smoky aroma, unique nutty-caramel flavour, and deeply crimson colour. At first the taste is surprising, but soon after it becomes addictive. The very unique taste of this tea, free of bitterness typical of other green teas, makes it a perfect alternative to black tea.

Hojicha Tea by Sushi & Salad

oolong japanese tea

Oolong tea is a refreshing tea with a unique bitterness and fragrant aroma. Oolong tea is one of the beverages originally drunk in China and has been a favorite drink since ancient times. The production of Japanese oolong tea is small and very valuable.

Oolong Japanese Tea by Sushi & Salad


Kukicha is a light shaded tea that has a mildly nutty flavour with a touch of honey taste and umami notes. It was invented in Japan, where the local farmers, after selling more valuable leaves and buds, used to brew their very own tea made of remaining stems and twigs. In Japanese, “kuki” means “twig” and “cha” means “tea”. Moya Kukicha comes from organic cultivation on the island of Kyushu and has a special, slightly stronger, aroma as a result of delicate roasting.

Kukicha Tea by Sushi & Salad


Bancha is a green tea with a golden-yellow tint. It has a slightly acidic flavour and a distinct walnutty aftertaste, which is a result of the high content of tannins. In Japan, bancha is considered to be an everyday tea and is often served with meals. It can be drunk all day long because it contains 70% less caffeine than gyokuro.

Bancha Tea by Sushi & Salad


Our Wakoucha is an exquisite black leaf tea with floral, honey, and spice notes. It complements meals and desserts, offering a slightly bitter contrast. Cultivated in Japan's Mie region, it undergoes fermentation, resulting in a dark color and earthy flavor. Enjoy its digestive benefits and nutrient-rich infusion.

Wakoucha Tea by Sushi & Salad

birchall lemongrass and ginger tea

Lemongrass & Ginger is a warming herbal tea made with pure lemongrass and spicy ginger pieces. The renowned digestive benefits of ginger root and the soothing properties of lemongrass combine perfectly in this delightful infusion to elevate your mood and revive you anytime you need a boost.

Lemon Grass & Ginger Tea

brew tea co. peppermint

Peppermint Leaves is a classic herbal tea made from only the finest pure peppermint leaves. Peppermint is traditionally acknowledged to aid digestion and our luxurious single mint infusion is entirely caffeine free, making it perfect as an after-dinner digestive or as a late evening refreshment. Our pursuit of quality ensures we have only picked whole peppermint leaves for this blend and it is these that give. Peppermint its deep amber infusion, vibrant, awakening aroma and cool, minty taste.

Mint Tea by Sushi & Salad

brew tea co. earl gray

A fragrant and citrussy tea to keep you refreshed all day. Ceylon black tea with bergamot oil, orange peel and calendula petals. Our Earl Grey Loose Leaf tastes less like hot perfume, and more like proper tea. No flavour granules. No dust. Just rolled, whole leaves.

Earl Gray Tea with Sushi & Salad

brew tea co. english breakfast

A perfectly balanced, malty classic. The tasty richness of Indian Assam coupled with a light, fresh Ceylon. Rolled Whole Leaves. No Dust.

English Tea with Sushi & Salad


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