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Natto Maki

Natto Maki

Savour the vegan delight of Natto Maki, a gluten-free masterpiece blending rice, nori, and fermented soybeans (V) (VE) (GF). 8 pieces

(Rice, Nori and Fermented Soy beans) (V) (VE) (GF)

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Indulge in the intriguing world of Natto Maki, a culinary masterpiece crafted from the finest ingredients. This exquisite roll features a harmonious blend of delicate rice and nori, lovingly enveloping the unique essence of fermented soybeans. As a testament to our commitment to inclusivity, it's not just vegan (V) and vegetarian (VE) but also gluten-free (GF), ensuring that every discerning palate can savor its captivating flavours. Each bite offers a tantalising journey through the rich, umami notes of natto, the earthy embrace of nori, and the satisfying texture of perfectly prepared rice. Natto Maki is a true testament to the artistry of Japanese cuisine, where simplicity meets sophistication in a sublime union of taste and texture.

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Hosemaki - (Thin Roll) 8 Pieces

It is about one inch around, with nori (seaweed wrapping) outside, and sushi rice and a single ingredient.

Gluten Free
Gluten free
Dairy free At Request