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Panko Prawn

Panko Prawn

Panko Prawns Katsu Curry: A Symphony of Crispy Bliss and Fragrant Curry Delight

(Prawns Served With Steamed Rice, Leeks and Pickled Ginger)

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Dive into a culinary symphony with our exquisite Panko Prawns Katsu Curry. Nestled atop a bed of perfectly steamed rice, each succulent prawn is enveloped in a delicate yet irresistibly crispy Panko coating. The curry, a harmonious blend of flavours, features aromatic leeks and the delightful zing of pickled ginger. As you take each bite, the tender prawns yield to reveal their delectable juiciness, perfectly complemented by the rich and fragrant curry sauce. This dish is a true masterpiece, a culinary journey that dances on your taste buds, leaving you longing for another delightful bite.

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Japanese dish consisting of prawns covered in bread crumbs, fried, then cut into strips and served with warm rice then lovely Katsu sauce  poured generously over the lot.

Dairy free At Request