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Salt and Pepper Squid

Salt and Pepper Squid

Indulge in our famous and favourite dish - Salt and Pepper Squid. Tender pieces of squid, lightly seasoned, and fried to perfection, paired with a sweet chilli dip for an irresistible experience.

Our Famous and Favourite Dish With Sweet Chilli Dip


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Delight in our renowned and beloved Salt and Pepper Squid, a culinary masterpiece that has won the hearts of many.

This dish features tender pieces of squid, delicately seasoned with a perfect blend of salt and pepper. Each bite offers a harmonious balance of flavours, with the gentle heat of pepper complementing the natural sweetness of the squid.

The squid is expertly fried to achieve a crispy and golden-brown exterior, while retaining its succulent tenderness on the inside. The result is a textural symphony that will leave your taste buds dancing with delight.

To elevate this dish to perfection, it is served with our signature Sweet Chilli Dip. This dip adds a delightful touch of sweetness and a hint of spice that perfectly complements the savory notes of the squid.

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