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Tobiko ©

Tobiko ©

Experience sushi sophistication with our Uramaki Tobiko – 8 exquisite pieces of Nori, rice, salmon, mayo, and Tobiko, a tantalising burst of flavour in every bite.

(Nori, Rice, Salmon, Mayo And Tobiko) 8 pieces

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Experience the epitome of sushi sophistication with our Uramaki Tobiko – a symphony of taste and texture artfully composed in 8 exquisite pieces. The delicate embrace of Nori and rice cradles the tender salmon, complemented by the creamy richness of mayo. But what truly elevates this creation is the burst of Tobiko, tiny pearls of flavour that add a tantalising pop to each bite. The balance of savoury and subtly sweet, of smooth and crisp, is a testament to the precision of Japanese culinary art. Indulge in the essence of sushi mastery with this elegant and irresistible delight.

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URAMAKI (Inside Out) - 8 Pieces

Uramaki is a sushi roll of sushi rice, with 2 or more fillings it’s rolled so that the seaweed is on the inside and the rice on the outside.

Dairy free At Request