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Unagi (Eel)

Unagi (Eel)

This culinary treasure showcases expertly-grilled, premium eel, glazed to perfection with our secret sauce, resting atop a small bed of sushi rice complemented by a hint of wasabi and soy sauce.

2 Pieces of Eel

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Immerse yourself in the world of sushi excellence with our Unagi Nigiri at Sushi and Salad. This exceptional duo features 2 delectable pieces of eel, expertly placed atop petite mounds of vinegared rice. Each bite unveils the extraordinary flavour and quality of our eel, prepared to perfection. To enhance the nuanced flavours and textures, add a touch of wasabi and dip it in soy sauce. Whether you're a dedicated sushi connoisseur or new to this culinary experience, our Unagi Nigiri offers a taste sensation that's truly remarkable.

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Nigiri sushi is that familiar style of sushi made up of an oval-shaped mound of rice with a slice of raw fish, vegetable or meat on top.

All nigiri's are served 2 pieces.

Dairy free At Request