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Organic Japanese green tea 50% organic tea sencha, 50% organic roasted brown rice. Country of origin: Japan‍. Flavour: butter-sweet flavour & nutty aroma

Japanese Green Tea (Large)


About the Tea

Organic Japanese green tea
50% organic Japanese green tea sencha, 50% organic roasted brown rice


FLAVOUR: butter-sweet flavour & nutty aroma

COLOUR: light yellow hue


RECOMMEND USAGE: afternoon tea often consumed with meals

Genmaicha is a sweet, slightly nutty, aromatic, rusty coloured tea. Its flavour – the one we know from sushi bars and Japanese restaurants – is exceptionally memorable. Legend has it that a servant to the Hakone shogun accidentally served his master a tea with some stolen grains of rice that he had in his pocket. This mistake cost him his life, but the shogun liked the taste so much that he decided to include it in his daily diet. This is how genmaicha, today known also as, “popcorn tea”, came about. It was once considered to be a drink of the lower classes, as people used to add cheap rice grains to increase the volume of pure sencha. Our Genmaicha is organically cultivated on the island of Kyushu. Genmaicha tea contains medium levels of caffeine. It helps the digestive system, so it is traditionally served with meals. During long periods of fasting, Buddhist monks often support themselves with just genmaicha. Like other Japanese green teas, genmaicha is a rich source of catechins and antioxidants. Drinking genmaicha helps in slowing down the ageing processes, getting rid of toxins, reducing bad cholesterol, reducing sugar levels and improving dental health. Genmaicha is recommended in prevention of various diseases as its leaves contain easily absorbable vitamin C, beta carotene, folic acid, potassium, calcium and phosphorus.

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Japanese Green Tea (Large)