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Grilled Prawns

Grilled Prawns

Savour the indulgence of Grilled Prawns, where five succulent king prawns are expertly grilled to perfection, infused with our tantalising secret spice blend.

Five Delicious King Prawns Grilled In Our Secret Spices


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Delve into the delectable world of our Grilled Prawns, a culinary masterpiece that elevates your taste buds. We begin with premium king prawns, plump and succulent, treasures from the sea.

These prawns are lovingly marinated in our secret spice blend, a cherished recipe perfected over time, ensuring a symphony of flavours and aromas in every bite.

On the grill, sizzles and scents create a unique taste sensation. The heat imparts subtle smokiness and a caramelised char that enhances their natural sweetness.

Grilled Prawns offer juicy tenderness with a tantalizing hint of our secret spices. Each prawn is a culinary gem, reflecting our commitment to exquisite seafood.

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