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Gunkan Ama

Gunkan Ama

Savour the exquisite Gunkan Ama - 2 pieces, featuring hamachi, Ama Ebi, wasabi mayo, lime juice, tobiko, and crispy sweet potatoes, a culinary masterpiece from Sushi and Salad.

(Rice, Hamachi, Ama Ebi, Wasabi Mayo with Lime Juice, Tobiko and Crispy Sweet Potatoes) 2 Pieces

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Indulge in the gourmet delight of Gunkan Ama, a culinary gem from Sushi and Salad. This delectable gunkan features a harmonious blend of flavours and textures, including seasoned rice, succulent hamachi, sweet Ama Ebi, and a tantalising combination of wasabi mayo with zesty lime juice. The addition of tobiko provides a burst of colour and a subtle pop with every bite, while crispy sweet potatoes lend a delightful crunch. Our chefs have meticulously crafted this dish, ensuring a perfect balance of ingredients for a truly remarkable taste sensation.

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"Gunkan" means "Mothership" and consists of a small ball of rice wrapped in a thin band of dry seaweed and topped with various ingredients.

2 Pieces

Dairy free At Request