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Carpaccio Hamachi (Yellow Tail)

Carpaccio Hamachi (Yellow Tail)

Indulge in the sublime flavours of our Hamachi Yellowtail Sashimi, featuring twelve meticulously sliced pieces, a masterpiece of freshness and flavour.

(With Ponzu and Jalapeno, Tobiko, Daikon) 12 Pieces (GF)

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Discover the sublime richness of our Hamachi Yellowtail Sashimi at Sushi and Salad. This exquisite dish presents twelve meticulously sliced pieces of sushi-grade Hamachi Yellowtail, each a masterpiece of freshness and flavour. The velvety texture and delicate taste of the yellowtail make it a sought-after delicacy in Japanese cuisine, (with ponzu and jalapeno, tobiko, daikon). Enhance your dining experience with a touch of wasabi and a dip in soy sauce. Whether you're a seasoned sashimi enthusiast or new to this culinary delight, our Hamachi Yellowtail Sashimi promises a symphony of tastes that will leave you craving for more. (GF)

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Sashimi is a Japanese dish of thinly-sliced raw food, usually fish and seafood, but also sometimes other meats. Best enjoyed with a hint of wasabi and soy sauce.

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Gluten free
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