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Organic Japanese green tea 100% organic Hojicha. Country of origin: Japan ‍Flavour: unique woody aroma flavour.

Japanese Green Tea (Large)


About the Tea

OrganicJapanese green tea
100% organic Japanese green tea hojicha


FLAVOUR: unique woody aroma flavour

COLOUR: crimson brown


RECOMMEND USAGE: evening tea recommend in macrobiotic diet

Hojicha: roasted tea from Kyoto. Organic hojicha is a roasted green tea with a toasty, smoky aroma, unique nutty-caramel flavour, and deeply crimson colour. At first the taste is surprising, but soon after it becomes addictive. The very unique taste of this tea, free of bitterness typical of other green teas, makes it a perfect alternative to black tea. The process of roasting the leaves was first performed in 1920 in Kyoto, where the name “hoji-cha” , meaning roasted tea, comes from. Due to its unique production process, hojicha is a tea that has exceptionally low caffeine content as it is reduced during the roasting process. Pregnant women, children and elderly in Japan often drink hojicha and it’s a common evening tea. Hojicha is valued for its extraordinary flavour and aroma, and it also has many properties that are beneficial to our health. Just like other Japanese green teas, hojicha is a rich source of catechins and antioxidants. Drinking hojicha is good for the digestion, and it also delays the ageing processes, helps to get rid of toxins, reduces bad cholesterol and keeps the sugar levels normal. Its leaves contain easily absorbable vitamin C, beta-carotene, folic acid, potassium, calcium and phosphorus.

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Japanese Green Tea (Large)