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Organic Japanese green tea 100% organic kukicha. Country of origin: Japan‍ Flavour: delicate, vegetal with bitterish undertones.



About the Tea

Organic Japanese green tea 100% organic Japanese green tea kukicha.


FLAVOUR: delicate, vegetal with bitterish undertones

COLOUR: clear yellow-green hue


RECOMMENDED USAGE: evening, recommended in macrobiotic diet
kukicha: a tea like no other, made of stems and twigs.

Kukicha is a light shaded tea that has a mildly nutty flavour with a touch of honey taste and umami notes. It was invented in Japan, where the local farmers, after selling more valuable leaves and buds, used to brew their very own tea made of remaining stems and twigs. In Japanese, “kuki” means “twig” and “cha” means “tea”. Moya Kukicha comes from organic cultivation on the island of Kyushu and has a special, slightly stronger, aroma as a result of delicate roasting. This is why kukicha is often used to make cold brew tea.

Kukicha is considered a macrobiotic tea because of its alkalizing properties and high calcium content. It can be drunk by kids, pregnant women and elderly. Just like other Japanese green teas, kukicha is a rich source of catechins and antioxidants. Drinking Kukicha is good for digestion. It also helps to detoxicate our body, keep blood sugar at normal levels, reduce bad cholesterol and improve overall mental health. Its leaves contain easily absorbable vitamin C, beta-carotene, folic acid, potassium, calcium and phosphorus.

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