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Matcha Latte with Oats Milk

Matcha Latte with Oats Milk

100% Organic Japanese Green Tea Matcha. Country or Origin: Japan‍. Taste: balanced with a hint of bitterness with Oats Milk (V) (VE)

(Large) with Oats Milk (V) (VE)


About the Tea

Organic Japanese green tea 100% organic Japanese green tea matcha.


TASTE: balanced with a hint of bitterness

RECOMMENDED FOR: matcha ceremony, with hot, cold water, matcha latte, matcha lemonade, etc

INGREDIENTS: 100% organic matcha green tea from the 1st and 2nd harvest.

Matcha is a very powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants are responsible for neutralising the negative effects of free radicals. This organic compound has strong anti-tumour activity and is an antioxidant 100 times stronger than vitamin C. Because we consume whole ground tea leaves, when drinking matcha, one cup of this tea is an equivalent of 10 cups of usual brew of green tea in terms of antioxidant content. Calming and relaxing Matcha has been used by the Chinese Taoists and Japanese Zen Buddhist monks for over 1,000 years as a means of supporting the maintenance of peace and clarity of mind during the long hours of meditation. Improved memory and concentration. It increases energy levels and enhances endurance. Perfect detoxification. Strengthening the immune system. It reduces the level of bad cholesterol.

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Japanese Green Tea

(Large) with Oats Milk