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Mega Combo 3

Mega Combo 3

Experience sushi extravagance with our Mega Combo at Sushi and Salad, featuring two bowls of Miso, Stick Pork Belly, Vegetable Tempura, a lavish array of sashimi including Tuna, Salmon, and King Prawn, Nigiri delights, and a variety of Uramaki rolls, totaling 36 exquisite pieces.

(Miso x2, STARTER: Stick Pork Belly, Vegetable Tempura. SASHIMI: Tuna 3 Pcs, Salmon 3 Pcs, King Prawn 2 Pcs NIGIRI: Ebi Nigiri 2 Pcs, Maguro 2 Pcs, Salmon 2 Pcs, Tuna Tuna Tuna Roll 4 Pcs Tiger Philadelphia 4 Pcs, Crab Roll 4 Pcs, California Roll 8 Pcs ) 36 Pieces

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About the dishes

Indulge in a grand feast with our Mega Combo at Sushi and Salad. This lavish offering includes not one but two bowls of heartwarming Miso soup, setting the stage for a memorable meal. For starters, relish the succulent Stick Pork Belly, a culinary delight that's sure to tantalise your taste buds. The Vegetable Tempura adds a crispy and delightful touch to your dining experience.

Now, let's dive into the seafood extravaganza! Delight in 3 pieces of Tuna Sashimi, 3 pieces of Salmon Sashimi, and 2 pieces of King Prawn Sashimi, each a testament to our commitment to quality and freshness. The Nigiri selection features 2 pieces of Ebi Nigiri, 2 pieces of Maguro Nigiri, 2 pieces of Salmon Nigiri, and a Tuna Tuna Tuna Roll with 4 pieces.

The Uramaki selection is equally enticing, with 4 pieces of Tiger Philadelphia Roll, 4 pieces of Crab Roll, and 8 pieces of California Roll. In total, you'll enjoy a delightful assortment of 36 pieces of sushi, making this Mega Combo a true culinary adventure.

Savour each bite, as our chefs have crafted this selection with dedication and expertise to ensure an unforgettable dining experience.

categories & Description

Combination of Miso, Sashimi, Nigiri & Uramaki

Miso is a traditional Japanese seasoning paste produced by fermenting soybeans using the power of koji mold and from this we make our lovely delicious Miso soup seasoned with spring onions, sesame seed and tofu .

Sashimi is a Japanese dish of thinly-sliced raw food, usually fish and seafood, but also sometimes other meats. Often eaten with soy sauce.

Nigiri sushi is that familiar style of sushi made up of an oval-shaped mound of rice with a slice of raw fish, vegetable or meat on top.

Uramaki is a sushi roll of sushi rice, with 2 or more fillings it’s rolled so that the seaweed is on the inside and the rice on the outside.

Dairy free At Request