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Paradise Roll

Paradise Roll

Experience paradise in every bite with our Paradise Roll, where creamy avocado meets succulent salmon, topped with sesame seeds and Tobiko – a heavenly delight for your taste buds. 8 pieces

(Rice, Nori, Avocado, Salmon Topped With Salmon, Sesame Seeds and Tobiko) 8 pieces

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Elevate your senses with the Paradise Roll – a symphony of flavours and textures that promises a taste of heaven. Encased in a delicate Nori and rice embrace, you'll find the creaminess of avocado perfectly complemented by the rich, succulent salmon. The tantalising combination is then elevated with a topping of more salmon, delicate sesame seeds, and a burst of Tobiko, creating a culinary masterpiece that's nothing short of paradise.

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URAMAKI (Inside Out) - 8 Pieces

Uramaki is a sushi roll of sushi rice, with 2 or more fillings it’s rolled so that the seaweed is on the inside and the rice on the outside.

Dairy free At Request