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Spider Roll

Spider Roll

Savour sushi perfection with our Futomaki Spider Roll - soft-shell crab tempura, avocado, cucumber, mayo, sesame seeds, Unagi sauce, and Tobiko in 10 irresistible pieces.

(Rice, Nori, Soft Shell Crab Tempura, Avocado, Cucumber, Topped With Mayo, Sesame Seeds, Unagi Sauce And Tobiko) 8 Pieces

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Indulge in the exquisite flavours of our Futomaki Spider Roll. This culinary masterpiece features soft-shell crab tempura, avocado, and cucumber encased in a delightful combination of rice and nori. Topped with creamy mayo, sesame seeds, rich Unagi sauce, and a sprinkling of Tobiko, every bite is a symphony of textures and tastes that will transport your taste buds to sushi heaven. With 8 delectable pieces, the Futomaki Spider Roll is a must-try for sushi enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable dining experience.

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Japanese sushi that is rolled into a long thick cylinder. A literal translation of futomaki is "fat rolled sushi".

Dairy free At Request