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Sushi And Salad Special Gunkan

Sushi And Salad Special Gunkan

Delight in the Sushi And Salad Special Gunkan - 2 pieces, a delectable combination of salmon, rice, unagi sauce, and mayo, skilfully prepared by our chefs.

(Salmon, Rice, Unagi Sauce And Mayo) 2 Pieces

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Savour the Sushi And Salad Special Gunkan, a delightful creation that exemplifies the culinary finesse of our chefs. Crafted with precision, this gunkan features succulent salmon, perfectly seasoned rice, a drizzle of unagi sauce, and a touch of mayo, all harmoniously nestled within its seaweed wrap. Each bite is a testament to our commitment to excellence in sushi craftsmanship, delivering an unforgettable fusion of flavours.

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"Gunkan" means "Mothership" and consists of a small ball of rice wrapped in a thin band of dry seaweed and topped with various ingredients.

2 Pieces

Dairy free At Request